Weather in The Netherlands

As I live in The Netherlands for a bit more than 2 years now it’s not a surprise that I saw a lot… I mean a loooooooooot weather changes.
Just a small recap of the country’s location, so you know what I’m actually talking about:

The Netherlands is located at the west coast of Europe, bordering the North Sea to the West and North, Germany to the East and Belgium to the South. 50% of the country is located less than 1 meter above sea level.

So of course because the geographic location there’s a lot going on and here my blog kicks in 😛
Well~ I should start with my first few weeks. I came to The Netherlands with a flu (which started in Germany) and being allergic with Hayfever and small reactions on some cats & dogs. My first few weeks were rough as I needed to adapt to the different air pressure (yes, there IS a difference between Germany and Netherlands) and actually I infected half of my company with my flu (haha, spreading the love)…
So as I finally adapted to the air pressure I found out… you can feel the scent of the sea – even in Amsterdam. It smells. If the wind is strong enough \(^_^)/ which it is… a lot of days of the year.

Basically you have only a few weather types: Rain, More Rain, Wind, Mist, Storm, Rain & Storm, Mist & Rain, Hail, Hail & Storm, Snow, Mist & Snow, Snow & Storm and maybe a few days per year *surprise* Sun.

I think the weather is like a lottery. Even if you watch the forecast the day before, it can turn out to be completely different. Most of the time I don’t even bother watching it anymore. If it rains, I got an umbrella… well actually my 5th in 2 years (comparison: I burned – pardon rained – through 3 in 7 years back in Germany) and according to Dutch friends you need to have at least 3 umbrellas in possession at the same time to be prepared for “if it starts when you leave home… or work… or a friend needs one… or one breaks down” – it sounded funny when I heard that. I regret that soon when my first umbrella broke down due to Rainstorm! Literally ripped apart by the storm! Usually the spines break down one by one… mostly with different wind waves or storms. This one storm took 4 in one blow!

But even if it sounds really evil so far: It has some pros!
First: I got rid of my allergies – or at least they calmed down.
Second: I take things as they come. It doesn’t matter anymore if it snows, hails, rains – it can be fun~ and the air after is much more nice and clean and sometimes…. I can take awesome pictures!

For example: I woke up today at 8:05 am. It was horribly misty outside and it stayed like this all day. It rained a lot during the day, but it cleared up at 4:32pm to show an awesome sunset before the sky hid itself with gray dark clouds again.

Here are some pictures I took over the last year:

Hoofddorp, 30th of July, 2011 – Gray sky, rainy all day – the crows (and other birds) only moved when it didn’t rain.

Hoofddorp, 3rd of January, 2012 – This was an amazing moon rise after a day with a lot of snow, rain and storm.

Zandvoort, 7th of July, 2012 – My day at the beach: a bit of sun, wind and blue sky.

Haarlem, 10th of August, 2012 – Awesome sunset after a nice sunny afternoon.

Haarlem, 20th of August, 2012 – Sunset after a cloudy day.

Haarlem, 5th of September, 2012 – Wonderful sky after a massive rainshower.

Haarlem, 26h of October, 2012 – dark rain & storm clouds breaking for sunset (do you see the plane that got caught in my picture? :P)

Amsterdam, 5th of November, 2012 – Weird stuff happens: at the west side of the building it rained while the sun shone, so east side of the building had a great rainbow building up.

Haarlem, 10th of November, 2012 – Sunset after a misty, rainy day.

Actually I never paid much attention on skies or sunrises/sets until I came here 2 years ago, so moving to another country seemed to get me somehow focussed on how fast clouds are moving, how dark they get, how red the sunsets are and so on and on. It seems weird (maybe), but actually I think as I pay more attention to that I don’t miss much of its beauty anymore. The pictures speak for itself. I’m not a sunset addicted, but they DO look awesome (sometimes). So – of course – I’d prefer if the storms wouldn’t be so strong sometimes *sigh* but hey, can’t have everything. Especially not with a country which has 2 sea borders 🙂


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