Sewing Projects

Sewing, as you might be able to tell by my cosplay stuff, is a hobby of mine and I get that to use for various occassions such as birthdays, christmas presents etc.

So here a few of my projects sorted by occassion:

25th of December, 2008 – Wichtelgeschenk (German thing for: draw a lot with a name on it and gift something to that person) for Xmas.
This Zelda Triforce Pillow was the first thing I ever made besides Cosplay and with it I started doing other sewing projects. I didn’t knew the person it was meant for back than, but we’re friends up to now because of that pillow 🙂

8th of April, 2009 – I made this “Wallpaper” (yes it was my Wallpaper! For 2 weeks or so :P) as I was into Cosplay for 5 years at that time and kinda wanted to celebrate it.

16th of April, 2009 – The first bag I made for my cellphone was without any motive, so I made another one with a Red Dragon.
The bag and cellphone are in possession of my mom now.

22nd of July, 2009 – Zelda Triforce Pillow: Birthday present for a friend’s brother – I got paid for this 🙂

3rd of August, 2009 – Cellphone Bag with Rose Motive – Birthday present for a friend (the rose took ages to finish >_<)

30th of January, 2010 – Cellphone Bag with Belldandy Motive for a friend of mine who paid me for it

1st of June, 2010 – Xmas Present for friends of mine – picture got taken when I went to visit them after gifting these (lovely fitting, huh?)

18th of June, 2010 – Present for friends (as I made the kittens for friends who adore cats, I made these for friends who adore dogs)

28th of May, 2011 – Addiction won me over so I made the Arden Fox T1 Version of Jade Dynasty in a cuddly Plush Version

13th of June, 2011 – Arden Fox T1 V2: After the first I made a second version (face is smaller and looks more foxy) – this one is in our HQ in Beijing now

15th of August, 2011 – Arden Fox T1 V3: 2 weren’t enough, so Number 3 joined the team and joined his brother (V2) in Beijing

24th of November, 2011 – Arden Fox T1 V4: this one I made for my (now former) boyfriend – black/grey version

29th of October, 2012 – Arden Fox T1 V4: birthday present for a friend – mariner blue/light blue version


I made a lot of drawings as well over the last few years, but… those I better don’t show off 😀


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