Cosplay “Karura”

Cosplay: Karura (Utawarerumono)
Photo by: C. Gerlach
Material: Stretch Gabardine, Linnen, Plush
Convention: 1st Version – Leipziger Buchmesse 2008,
Final Version – Connichi 2009

I had two versions of this, as the first didn’t really met my standards for the “wearable” aspect. So I redid the coat to be able to move it flexible on my shoulders, half down on my arms or completely down. I actually adore Karura as she’s a strong female, born to be queen, but choosing to be free as a warrior.
This one was the first cosplay I spent longer then 3 months on – just for finding lot of screenshots of the anime, video game & art works for her clothes as well as characteristics.
The neck chain was made by a friend of mine (and it was fully working so people tried to drag me around on it >_<).


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