Cosplay “Bilu”

Cosplay: Bilu (LOVE) (Jade Dynasty)
Photo by: Const
Material: Interlock Jersey, Polyestertaft
Convention: Connichi 2012, AnimeCon 2013
Weapon made by: Marius Bauer

Bilu is one of the main characters in Jade Dynasty and in the present she’s dead while Velonus tries to resurrect her. My intention of cosplaying her was following: If I do it I’ll be the first one worldwide to cosplay that exact version of her dress.
Quite a sad reason, but fun~.
I waited over 1 year to get the specific fabrics I wanted, as usually the store didn’t had the amount of fabrics I requested or I was low on money to afford it. It worked out in the end – so at the moment it’s not finished (I hope it will by next year).

The weapon I wanted for this is a Lv148 Armageddon Duoblade for Vim.
Check this site for Marius’ stuff:

\\update: I finished it! Photo will come later.


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