Cosplay “BillPoster”

Cosplay: BillPoster (Fly For Fun)
Photo by: Unknown
Material: Stretch Gabardine, Gabardine, Swimsuit Fabric
Convention: Games Convention 2008,
Connichi 2008

This one I made as I was playing Fly For Fun. My BillPoster never was my main character, but fun to play and as the artwork was more easy to follow for a cosplay my choice fell for this class pretty easily. The armor type this one is the Lv90 green set “Aken” (No one wears this! Except me!).
The dragon is something I bought on a convention and was “abused” to be my pet for this cosplay.
I still adore the highlighting yellow swimsuit fabrics, never imagined it would turn out so well and I still can’t get rid of the black boots (Import from USA @_@ I was in need to pay import taxes on those *lol* might be the reason why I can’t get rid of them – and maybe because I usually don’t wear flashy boots).


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