“Kiba” is the name of my pet: a corn snake which hit the age of 2 years in May.

Corn snakes are reptiles and their latin name is: Pantheropis guttatus.
They can grow up to 1,20-1,50m (so in capture an adult reached the size of 1,89m). Corn snakes are middle sized constrictor snakes and not poisoneous (that was especially important for me as I never had a snake before), so their bite can hurt (I never got bitten by my snake so far). They can live for 12-20 years.
The natural color of a corn snake is red-orange, so through breeding colors and markings diversify from white up to deep red – depending on the parental gen pools.
They’re intelligent and great escapees – there were posts in forums about snakes being missing for over 6 months and suddenly showing up again.

Why did I choose a corn snake?
I grew up surrounded by dogs, cats and rabbits. Being with an animal 24/7 was usual for me, but after I moved out, the silence burned a hole into my life. At one point I decided to adopt a pair of Gerbils – in the end I had 5 (seperated by gender). Sadly I got a cross-allergy from hay to animal hair, so that only applied for small animals, cats and dogs (not cows and horses) and I gave my beloved pets away to friends of mine. 4 Months later I decided to get an animal I possibly couldn’t get allergic on: either Reptiles or Fish.
As fish is food – that was out of the question anyways. Deciding which kind of reptile wasn’t much of a challenge as I never liked feeding worms and other insects to my gerbils, even if it was once in a while, everything but snakes was gone from the list.
There are 2 “starter” (as in: people with no snake experience so far) snake breeds: kingsnakes & corn snakes.
After a quick search (yes, really quick – 10 minutes) I decided to go for a corn instead of a king.
It took me 9 months of reading books, forums and talks to the breeder of my choice to finally settle on my decision and get the equipment ready for my first snake.

Kiba‘s egg was laid in mid of March, 2010 and he hatched on 24th of May, 2010. After hatching the breeder could finally check out his color, health and sex (last after a few days) and he got identified as being a healthy boy with the color of Anery het Amel Motley 66% poss het Hypo, Caramel, which basically means: grey.

After finishing with the final preparations I picked Kiba up at his breeder in Wolfsburg. I got to see how to feed a mouse to my new pet and off I was with him to Hannover, where I lived back then.
Kiba was a strong little fellow, who shed at the same day I received him. He was really quick (which is normal! Imagine you’re a small predator and you’re not quick enough to escape birds, which think you would make a great dinner!). It wasn’t hard to catch him the first time to feed him, but boy was he in escape mode after he got used to me.

Kiba went on a great journey in his young life. I moved to Amsterdam mid of September and after receiving a medical check, so I could get him over the non-existent border (but by law necessary), we went there by train. He survived 2 other moves – one in April, 2011 and another in February, 2012 – deadly cold, but he was sitting safe in warm car.

He managed to escape his plastic box, which was his place to live as long I didn’t had my stuff and his terrarium over in The Netherlands, in October, 2010. It was totally my fault for not checking after I fed him if the fabrics that prevented him from using the holes in the plastic to escape wasn’t loose. He was gone for ~18 hours without me noticing. He was found by one of my roommates in the kitchen lying on the floor heating at 11pm.

After my stuff arrived I kept him in his terrarium in my room. Meanwhile he moved into a much bigger terrarium (1,20m x 0,80m x 0,80m) where he seems to enjoy himself. Also as you can see in the picture at the top his color changed: the grey tone is still existent but got darker and he has yellow stripes on both sides starting at his neck and spreading over his body in direction of the tail (This picture wasn’t taken in that terrarium, but in front of my My Little Pony blind bag collection).


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