Kyudo is something I really wanted to do for ages, but never could while still being in school and my later city where I studied at University didn’t had a club. So when I had the opportunity to start working in Hannover I took the chance to finally attend to Kyudo training, style Heki.

It was okay, I had lessons for 6 months, but never was able to shoot with a bow as my teacher told me I wouldn’t be ready. So instead of being happy I got frustrated until I kind of stopped to run for training excited and then I moved for a new job to Amsterdam.

Half a year later I wanted to give it a try and joined my actual Kyudo Club “Michi no Kai” in Vijfhuizen, style Shomen. I started in January 2011 and with my first lesson I had a bow in my hand – I was so happy! Finally!

My first exams were on 2nd of October 2011 for the 5th kyu with a practical and a written part – this is quite different from Germany as you “only” need to shoot for your exams there. I passed.

On 7th of October 2012 I took my exams for the 4th Kyu and passed 🙂 So now the real deal starts as I should start to shoot on distance now.


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