Cosplay & I

Back in 2003 I wouldn’t have guessed I would be cosplaying…and even get addicted to it – haha!
A friend of mine brought Cosplay up, when we were talking about our favorite Anime/Manga “Naruto” and she told me she would cosplay Kakashi and it would be awesome to have a Sakura with her for pictures.
I befriended myself with that idea… and in the end we went to buy fabrics, her grandma did the sewing part and I wore the costume for the first time in March 2004 at the “Leipziger Buchmesse”.
I never would’ve thought it could be so much fun to walk around in a Cosplay and see other Cosplayers. So I came to like and love it.
Starting in 2005 I started to sew my own costumes – it was hard of course, but over time I got quite confident about what I’m doing and why. Of course, sewing by hand takes a lot of time… meanwhile I own an own machine, but never find the time to get used to it (partly on purpose :D).



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